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Dr. Plummer interview with SAFM

Guest: Dr. Nigel Plummer – The founder and MD of ProVen

Know Your Gut, Support your Gut

Understanding the gut and knowing how it works to help your body operate daily can save you a lot of stress.

How your child can benefit – probiotics

A balanced immune and digestive system starts with providing adequate healthcare for your child from a very early

Proven Probiotics launches in S.A.

The world’s most respected producers of probiotics, ProVen, is now available in South Africa!

Did you know we have our own Nutritionist?

Pro-Ven Probiotics have their own in-house nutritionist to help answer your questions and find the right product

Kissing and bacteria – the intimate facts

You might think that the link between kissing and probiotics is tenuous, but did you know… …We have an oral microbiome that can be influenced by intimate kissing …The oral microbiome is shared in couples with relatively high kissing frequency …A 10 second kiss results in an average of 80 million bacteria transferred from one […]


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